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SKULL BALI is the World's largest Skulls design destination that spans 100ft space in Seminyak Bali and 60ft space inside UNITED GALLERY space in Petitenget Bali. Named a "must-see" tourist spot by Vanity Fair magazine; people have travelled from all over the globe to visit the Skull Bali Shop. But now you don't have to! Here SKULL BALI showcases all their design online bringing the SKULL BALI experience directly to you.

From the comfort of your own home you can shop the gallery where artist Rhett Hutchence creates unique, breathtaking Skull sculptures alongside his partner Vera Ribeiro's Skull fashion designer. You will even find some exclusive tribute pieces in memory of Rhett Hutchence iconic brother - INXS front-man Michael Hutchence.

You'll see the edgy artistic gene is clearly entwined in the Hutchence DNA. Michael a music icon and now Rhett emerging as perhaps one of the most interesting artists of the decade. If you collect beautiful modern art pieces, are obsessed with Skulls, or simply like to include fascinating 'talking' pieces in your own home; owning a Rhett Hutchence original is an absolute must.

And when you display your Rhett Hutchence Skull Sculpture you are in very good company... Big name fashion designers, world leaders and rock royalty such as Bono and even Elton John are among those who proudly display a Rhett Hutchence original Skull Sculpture. 

Working with resin, sustainable woods and beautiful crystals, every Skull Sculpture is hand crafted and unique with some one-off pieces valued at thousands of dollars and attracting the shrewd investor collector.

However, you don't have to be a famous rock legend or art expert to own a Skull hand-crafted original. Rhett Hutchence creates the design concept from birth to completion working in collaboration with local artisans to offer more of his designs at a variety of sizes and price-points so finally owning a genuine Rhett Hutchence Skull piece is accessible to anyone and everyone who loves Skulls.


He first came to Bali in 1972  and began returning frequently after dealing with personal matters, finding Bali his ‘healing island’. Having been a perfectionist, he would set himself up for disappointment with everything he tried. Bali changed that. He loves the freedom, the culture, the spirituality, which is abundant here.

In Bali he’s able to be an artist in the Damien Hirst/Andy Warhol way.
He only has to think of the idea, and then get other people to make it for him.
It is cathartic in a way, and over time has helped him become a bit more comfortable with his own art skills too.

She began her career at the age of 18 as an assistant and stylist for a fashion photographer in Brazil. With a striving and aspiring traits has led her to become, the youngest fashion editor of a leading fashion publication in Brazil.

Vera went to all over Europe attending fashion shows from Milan, London, Paris.
As the economic crisis hit Brazil, the magazine went bankrupt but it didn’t stop her from opening a PR agency specialised in the fashion industry.
She started coming to Bali 24 years ago, been living in Oahu, Hawaii for 5 years, then moved to LA. Doing what she love the most working in fashion industry which inspired her to started a wholesale business named Purple Seven (Purp7e) manufacturing knitwear tops in Bali.

Eventually the constant travel back and forth became too much despite the success. So she closed the business and has remained in Bali since. Until she met her partner, Rhett Hutchence, and decided to open the first SKULL store in mid 2013, in Bali, Indonesia.